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Photos with a Purpose

Why wait? Why wait until your cousins have moved to another state, your grandparents become ill, or you lose a loved one. Why wait until you're sitting at home scrolling through your photos, wishing you had taken the time to get photos captured with the ones you love. To have those images to look back on remember little details and memories you share together.

I will never forget the moment I lost my first cousin, someone I loved so dearly to a tragic accident. I was scrolling through my phone trying to find photos, memories of the two of us together and I realized what we had together was slim to none. Everything was old, outdated, blurry or dark and it hurt. It hurt not to have a solid photo with someone I never wanted to forget.

Years later when i came to another loss, another cousin.. to another tragic accident.. It opened my eyes and made me realize time is not promised. This life is not guaranteed. It is a blessing. And it is so incredibly important to take photos with the people you love. It is important to take the time and create the memories capturing a time in your life that you never want to forget. I made it my goal to be that person not only for myself but for others.

I take so many phone photos because I never want to forget, but the moments I love the most are the moments captured on purpose. The moments where you schedule a time for your entire family to come together and have photos made with everyone you love. To say, I LOVE YOU and we need these photos together. I make it a point to get my family together at least once a year to capture us all together and when we do it turns out to be more than just a photo. It turns into another memory, one that makes us laugh and smile, one that can be cherished for a life time.

Don't wait until it's too late to have photos made with someone you love. Make it a point to say hey, I love you and I want to capture us together.. I want to have these memories trapped in a photo for the rest of our lives.


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